Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Refresh and style your wardrobe with a splash of mint

Mint is the perfect colour to wear this Spring. Whether you’re enjoying a sunny afternoon in the park, having dinner with family or friends or working all day, this pale green pastel colour is great for every occasion and style.

Our fashion stylists styled some outfits based on this fresh and vibrant colour that includes tops, shirts, scarves, shoes, heels, wedges, clutches, bags and belts from high street brands like Monsoon, Marks and Spencer, Boden, Catwalk, 5th Avenue by Halle Berry and designer shoes and clutch from Steve Madden, to fit most budgets. Most of the outfits, though they are based on the mint colour, they were matched with some neutral colours like white, beige, black. 

Outfit 1:

Clutch, STEVE MADDEN, £72; Blouse, M&S Women, £18; Trousers, BOOHOO, £30; Court Shoes, MADDEN GIRL, £49; Belt, BOOHOO, £4

Outfit 2:

Skirt, BODEN, £17.7; Top, BODEN, £25; Cardigan, MONSOON, £39; Wedges, 5th AVENUE BY HALLE BERRY, £30; Bag, PER UNA, £35; Scarf, CODELLO, £24.5

Outfit 3:

Blouse, AUTOGRAPH, £19; Trousers, SAVOIR, £28; Heels, CATWALK, £10; Clutch, MISSGUIDED £17; Belt, MISSGUIDED, £5

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shop for your body shape and size with Stylingup.com

We launched a "how it works" video that explains how you can shop for your body shape and size at stylingup.com. In this video you can see how the website works and how easy is to sign up and start receiving recommendations from our stylists.

So... are you tired of wasting time in several stores looking for clothes that really fit and flatter your body shape? Try Stylingup.com

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Great promotions this week

We have some great promotions, discounts and coupon codes this week from some of our partners that we'd like to share with you. These include shoes, clothes and bags with great discounts. Who doesn't love a freebie or promo? Happy shopping!


This week, Accessorize is offering £10 off a wide range of shoes, mostly comfy ballerinas. With this promo, you can get a pair of ballerinas from only £5. Check their promo page for more information.


Missguided is offering a free UK Next Day & Standard Delivery on All Orders. If you were waiting for a promo like this, just type the code: APRIL10 at check out. Please note that this offer is only available until Midnight of Friday, 19th April. You can check their items directly in their online store or through our style shop where you can find clothes for your shape.


Allsole.com are offering several promotions that we think you might love. Here they are:

15% off UGG Boots
Code: UGG15S
Valid until midnight on the 23rd of April

Save £30 when you Spend £100
Code: ASAVE30
Valid until midnight on the 23rd of April
Excludes Grenson

Save £50 when you spend £250
Code: ASAVE50
Valid until midnight on the 23rd of April
Excludes Grenson


Boden is also offering a 10% off plus free delivery and free returns. Also, new customers also get a free necklace worth £25. To grab this offer, just type the code Q253 at checkout. Check their website or browse through our stylist selection in our online shop. This offer ends this Sunday, April 21st.


Today only! Mybag.com is offering a 20% off all items (excluding The Cambridge Satchel Company, Vintage, Outlet and Zatchels). To get this promo, simply type the code MBA20 at checkout in their website. Valid only until midnight tonight!

To always receive this latest promotions from stylingup.com and its partners, make sure you follow us on facebook or twitter. For other offers, check out our style points shop, where you can trade your points for freebies, and for the latest discounts, visit our discount shop.

Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Win Marks & Spencer gift cards with stylingup.com

Styling Up is giving away to its most active users £10 gift cards to shop for clothes, accessories and footwear from Marks and Spencer brands. No, this isn’t a contest or random selection. It’s based on a first come, first serve basis.

It’s pretty easy to win!! To win this voucher, all you have to do is to login or register with Styling Up and earn points. You can earn points by rating, reviewing, uploading photos and inviting friends to stylingup.com. Each action will be rewarded with points and the first users to reach 150 style points, may claim the £10 gift card (for Marks & Spencer brands). 

Vouchers are limited so there’s no time to waste. Ready? Set? Go….

To know more about the prize, visit our style points shop and read the how it works.

If you have any question about this giveaway or our website, please use our contact form.

Please note that this offer is valid only for female UK users (we'll ask for your postal address to send the gift card) and only for clothes, accessories and footwear from the Marks and Spencer brands, available at stylingup.com

* Only available for the UK and for clothes available at stylingup.com

Monday, March 25, 2013

Brazilian Hair Extensions: The Next Big Thing?

Photo by John Kannenberg - FlickR
If like many people short, fine hair is the bane of your life, you may be considering getting hair extensions fitted.  Hair extensions allow everyone to have the long, thick glamorous hair that they dream of.  You may have heard lots of people shouting about Brazilian hair extensions recently, especially in the celeb world.  But why are they a good option? What makes them better quality than other types of hair extensions?

Why use hair extensions?

Very few of us are lucky enough to have naturally lustrous, thick, shiny hair.  Even most of the celebs we see with immaculate hair are faking it.  Hair extensions are becoming more and more popular with celebrities with Kim Kardashian, Alesha Dixon, Cheryl Cole, Tyra Banks, Beyonce, Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud, Una Healy from the Saturdays, Alexandra Burke and many more all openly admitting to enjoying the benefits of hair extensions.  With so many different options available on the market and every one of them claiming to be the best that there is, it’s difficult to know what the best option really is. 

Why Brazilian?

Brazilian hair extensions used to primarily be a secret of the celebs, but now they are widely available to everyone.   Hair extensions made from real, natural, high quality hair rather than synthetic hair have a lot of advantages over synthetic hair extensions.  Synthetic hair extensions do not have a very long life as they are sensitive to the sun and styling and don’t blend in well like natural hair.  Real hair extensions can be treated like your own hair and dyed, styled and washed in the same way.

Brazilian hair extensions are made from real hair that has been sourced from people in Brazil.  Good quality Brazilian hair extensions are usually referred to as being virgin.  This means that the hair is 100% natural and has never been treated, dyed or bleached before.  Brazilian hair extensions are normally made from Remy hair as well.  Remy hair refers to the way in which the hair has been collected.  Remy hair is collected carefully to preserve the hair’s cuticle and with all of the hair cuticles facing in the same direction.  This means the hair is completely natural in appearance and will remain soft, shiny and tangle-free.

Brazilian hair extensions have been gaining popularity recently with more and more people swearing by this high quality type of hair extension.  Brazilian hair extensions can be expensive but this is because of their natural look and strong, full-bodied, durable texture.  The high quality of the product means that they will last for between 8 months and 2 years, so they can be refitted over and over again.  They are available in curly, wavy or straight and their strength makes them ideal for colouring.

How are they fitted?

There are a number of ways that you can choose to get your hair extensions fitted.  The one that is kindest to your hair is the micro-ring method.  The micro ring does not use glue or wax to attach the hair extensions; instead they are clipped into tiny rings that are secured at the root of your natural hair.

Pre-bonded hair extensions glue onto your existing hair.  They are pre-tipped with keratin wax which is heated and bonded to natural hair, this method is very flexible as it allows for extensions to be placed at any point in your hair, including your fringe.  The pre-bonded option also allows for very natural movement of hair.

The micro ring weft (weave) does not use glue or wax either.  The micro ring weft uses a long weft of hair that is then fitted to your head using micro rings.  This is a good low commitment option for people who do not want to wear the extensions for a very long length of time.  Generally a weft needs to be refitted every month or so and will last for up to 8 months.  It’s a great option if you want to add volume to your hair.

Brazilian hair extensions are on the rise, and with their natural appearance and texture and ease to maintain it’s hardly surprising.  With the endorsement of so many well-known celebrities you know you must be onto a good thing!  With Brazilian hair extensions the celebrity hair secret is out, now everyone can have the thick, glossy hair that they dream of.

This is a guest post written by Sarah Hewitt. Sarah Hewitt is a new blogger who blogs about anything and everything. You can contact her via her Twitter or Google+

Thursday, March 21, 2013

New fashion brands @ Styling Up

Stylingup.com now has 3 new high street retail partners and we'd like to welcome them into our website. Now, you'll also find stylist recommendations for your body shape and size in clothing, shoes and accessories from Boohoo.com, Monsoon and Accessorize.

Loose Fit Trouser from Boohoo; Pink Trenchcoat from Monsoon; Blue Sandals from Accessorize

Boohoo.com is a high street brand with a wide selection of celebrity inspired and catwalk inspired pieces. If offers a collection full of women's dresses, tops, blazers, jumpsuits and trousers at really affordable prices.

Monsoon is a vibrant women's fashion brand that has a wide range of dresses, tops, trousers and skirts with colorful and vibrant patterns. It has a distinctive identity and its collection has great influence from exoctic cultures.

Accessorize is a well known high street brand that focuses on accessories. It's stylish and affordable bags, bracelets, rings and scarves are great for all occasions. Whether your style is classic, urban or creative, you can find an extensive collection of accessories with a great price. Accessorize also has a great collection of shoes, flip flops and lovely sandals.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

5 Ugliest Jewelry Pieces in Awards Show History

When it comes to jewelry, celebrities always get special treatment on the red carpet. They can borrow, beg, or buy jewelry pieces from the world's hottest designers to make their own unique fashion statements. Unfortunately, there are the select few celebs who must make these choices with their eyes closed or succumb to designers who want to make them look bad. Viewing awards shows has become like watching a circus, because while many celebs show up looking their very best, others just look like clowns. Here are the 5 ugliest jewelry pieces in the history of awards shows:

#5 Gwyneth Paltrow's Chandelier Earrings

Gwyneth Paltrow is an actress who always wears awesome dresses, but became more famous for her chandelier earrings at the 2007 Academy Awards. At parties, people have been known to get drunk and hang from chandeliers, but hanging chandeliers from a woman is an even more painful and embarrassing sight.
Gwyneth’s earrings in this case had more diamonds than all of South America put together, proving once and for all that you can in fact have too much of a good thing. They were so big and hung so low from golden chains that she could have tripped over them. As diamonds go, the stones were pretty, but these chandelier earrings should have just gone down the red carpet themselves because they had a life of their own.

# 4 Sandra Bullock's Ring at the 2012 Academy Awards

This ring was quite large and looked as though a metallurgist spilled hot gold all over her finger and just before it cooled, he threw some precious gems on top of it. Imagine that after the ring hardened and Sandra got back from the hospital to have it surgically removed, she waited for the skin grafts to heal before she put the ring on again. It is easy to visualize a major law suit where the ring maker lost his house. Sandra put the ring on anyways and arrived at the award show. Of course she looked beautiful, but that ugly ring drew enough attention to make this list.

#3 Tyga's Last Kings Chain

This necklace was quite impressive in making Tyga look like a Pharaoh from ancient Egypt. It was designed by Jason of Beverly Hills because all the other designers were not strong enough to keep from being turned to stone by the necklace's presumably evil powers.
Tyga's idea to wear this at the 2012 BET Awards was a good one until all the other rappers saw it and wanted one just like it. It had so much gold in it that Fort Knox itself is probably jealous, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, until you see the design itself. The ugly necklace had scary faces on it and made Tyga's weight jump up to 250 pounds. It was gaudy and heavy.

#2 Missy Piggy's Hideous Necklace

As far as puppets go, Miss Piggy is probably the world's most famous fashionista, but even she is not immune to fashion disaster. She recently wore a big old diamond necklace. The Bible says never throw your pearls before swine. In this case designer Fred Leighton did not use pearls, but he should have applied the concept to diamonds. The necklace was quite large and ugly. The multiple diamonds on this beast (the necklace, not the Muppet) blinded Piggy's counterpart Kermit the Frog as well as all the others standing on the red carpet at the 2012 Academy Awards.
Why should designers even put real jewels on a bunch of sewn together fabric? Why is a Muppet even at an awards show? The necklace had a interesting infinity symbol and lots of diamonds. It surely weighed more than the pig. The real star wearing it was the guy you never see; Eric Jacobson was the puppeteer who handled her. He probably never held that much value in his arms before or since.

#1 Flavor Flav's Clock at the 2006 Billboard Music Awards

Flavor Flav has long been associated with the '80s hip-hop trend of wearing a clock around your neck, because he was one of the artists who popularized it. However, even the master of neck clocks himself can go too far sometimes! It would have been impossible for Flav to be late for his red carpet arrival at the 2006 Billboard Music Awards because the ugly necklace he had on was quite possibly the biggest clock ever. Big Ben in England was weeping and the Hubble telescope was taking this photo from space, even though an astronaut could have seen this silver and black clock with the naked eye.

This is a guest post written by Jessica.  Jessica is a journalist and blogger who specializes in fashion, style, and fine jewelry. She lives in New Jersey with her fiance and two cats.
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