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Friday, July 19, 2013

Style your outfits with big and chunky necklaces

Big statement necklaces have been a trend for a long time and looks like they’re here to stay, so girls go out and find the right ones for you.

A statement necklace is an easy way of getting the trendy look fast and that will fit all your outfits for every event. No matter if it’s for work or cocktail party, this is a great accessory for your wardrobe. However, there are so many different necklaces that finding the right one can be hard. But once you find one that is perfect for you, you’ll see how it can style and revamp your outfit and style.

A big necklace can make your jeans pop out and, when styled with a more simple one color top, it can really look like you just step out of the runway and on to the streets, or can even make your jersey dress look as it cost a million pounds.

This Summer, the big chunky necklace is in gold or silver with neon color elements on it or multicolor necklace. This can help you if you want to follow the neon trend but don’t want it to be all neon and color.

If you’re wearing a v-neck top or low cut dress, then a necklace with rounds cuts is perfect to make a contrast and create a visual impact. A statement necklace that sits high up to the neck will show of your v-neck top cut.

On the other hand, if you’re wearing a round neck cut it’s best to use a statement necklace a bit longer and heavy at the bottom, so that you don't draw too much attention to the beginning of your neck or visually “cut” your neck right from the start. Besides, it will make your neck look longer and leaner.

When wearing a one shoulder or shoulder less top you can choose either of the mentioned above: a high up or a longer statement necklace. Choose the one according to where you want to draw the eye to.

Below, there are a couple of examples of necklaces that are great for your Summer outfits.

French Connection
Ribbon in color in bike chain design or ribbon braided into the chain is a great trend for this season and can bring color to your outfit without it being too much. When mixing chain and ribbon looks the colors become a cool, raw, mix.

New Look
What about a beaded necklace for the hot summer days? Since it’s multicolor it will look perfect on most outfits. You can make it really stand out if you wear a only black or white to it, or even monochrome. It’s a great statement for your style.
Or perhaps you prefer an urban style necklace. With a bit of a raw mix to it, with details like spikes. It will look cool and edgy styled with a simple top and a pair of shorts.

New Look
You can also go for a more classic style with a silver or gold more plain necklace. It will make a statement without it being too much nor too big. This is a style that you can wear to your every day office job or even with a more formal cocktail dress, for a special occasion.

This post was written by Gitte Eigner. Gitte is a stylist at Styling Up (check out her fashion stylist page) and a personal shopper in London. Her style can be defined as creative and fun with a colorful mix to it.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Top 10 high street clutches

In the last seasons we saw bags becoming lighter and smaller and we’ve seen them all across the red carpets. Right now clutches are a must-have on every women’s wardrobe. It’s a great accessory not only to wear on parties, cocktails or evening events, but also to wear on a day-to-day basis (especially for those who don’t have to travel around by bus or underground).

Clutch bags may seem small, but they are just the right size to carry around the most indispensable things without carrying any extra weight or tons of papers and things that are often forgotten on big shoulder bags.

Below, you’ll see our stylist selection of the top 10 clutches on the high street. These are great, classy and affordable options for those who like to keep up with fashion without spending a large amount of money. Styles range from classic to glamorous and creative and the prices range from £17 to £54 in brands like Accessorize, Monsoon, Steve Madden, Awear, Cat and others.

1- Colour Block Envelope Clutch, ACCESSORIZE, £27 | 2- Rouched Satin Blue Clutch, ACCESSORIZE, £17 | 3- Stud Detail Clutch Bag, AWEAR, £30 | 4- Tia Studded Clutch Bag, CAT, £30 | 5- Bison Chic Clutch Black, MONSOON, £19 (promo) | 6- Fonda Rafia Envelope Clutch, COLEEN, £27 | 7- Amazing Poppy Beaded Clutch Pink, ACCESSORIZE, £45 | 8- Sakura Pink Clutch, MONSOON, £35 | 9- Bkasino Mint Clutch, STEVE MADDEN, £54 (promo) | 10- Wimborne Black Clutch, MISCHA BARTON, £39

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

5 Ugliest Jewelry Pieces in Awards Show History

When it comes to jewelry, celebrities always get special treatment on the red carpet. They can borrow, beg, or buy jewelry pieces from the world's hottest designers to make their own unique fashion statements. Unfortunately, there are the select few celebs who must make these choices with their eyes closed or succumb to designers who want to make them look bad. Viewing awards shows has become like watching a circus, because while many celebs show up looking their very best, others just look like clowns. Here are the 5 ugliest jewelry pieces in the history of awards shows:

#5 Gwyneth Paltrow's Chandelier Earrings

Gwyneth Paltrow is an actress who always wears awesome dresses, but became more famous for her chandelier earrings at the 2007 Academy Awards. At parties, people have been known to get drunk and hang from chandeliers, but hanging chandeliers from a woman is an even more painful and embarrassing sight.
Gwyneth’s earrings in this case had more diamonds than all of South America put together, proving once and for all that you can in fact have too much of a good thing. They were so big and hung so low from golden chains that she could have tripped over them. As diamonds go, the stones were pretty, but these chandelier earrings should have just gone down the red carpet themselves because they had a life of their own.

# 4 Sandra Bullock's Ring at the 2012 Academy Awards

This ring was quite large and looked as though a metallurgist spilled hot gold all over her finger and just before it cooled, he threw some precious gems on top of it. Imagine that after the ring hardened and Sandra got back from the hospital to have it surgically removed, she waited for the skin grafts to heal before she put the ring on again. It is easy to visualize a major law suit where the ring maker lost his house. Sandra put the ring on anyways and arrived at the award show. Of course she looked beautiful, but that ugly ring drew enough attention to make this list.

#3 Tyga's Last Kings Chain

This necklace was quite impressive in making Tyga look like a Pharaoh from ancient Egypt. It was designed by Jason of Beverly Hills because all the other designers were not strong enough to keep from being turned to stone by the necklace's presumably evil powers.
Tyga's idea to wear this at the 2012 BET Awards was a good one until all the other rappers saw it and wanted one just like it. It had so much gold in it that Fort Knox itself is probably jealous, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, until you see the design itself. The ugly necklace had scary faces on it and made Tyga's weight jump up to 250 pounds. It was gaudy and heavy.

#2 Missy Piggy's Hideous Necklace

As far as puppets go, Miss Piggy is probably the world's most famous fashionista, but even she is not immune to fashion disaster. She recently wore a big old diamond necklace. The Bible says never throw your pearls before swine. In this case designer Fred Leighton did not use pearls, but he should have applied the concept to diamonds. The necklace was quite large and ugly. The multiple diamonds on this beast (the necklace, not the Muppet) blinded Piggy's counterpart Kermit the Frog as well as all the others standing on the red carpet at the 2012 Academy Awards.
Why should designers even put real jewels on a bunch of sewn together fabric? Why is a Muppet even at an awards show? The necklace had a interesting infinity symbol and lots of diamonds. It surely weighed more than the pig. The real star wearing it was the guy you never see; Eric Jacobson was the puppeteer who handled her. He probably never held that much value in his arms before or since.

#1 Flavor Flav's Clock at the 2006 Billboard Music Awards

Flavor Flav has long been associated with the '80s hip-hop trend of wearing a clock around your neck, because he was one of the artists who popularized it. However, even the master of neck clocks himself can go too far sometimes! It would have been impossible for Flav to be late for his red carpet arrival at the 2006 Billboard Music Awards because the ugly necklace he had on was quite possibly the biggest clock ever. Big Ben in England was weeping and the Hubble telescope was taking this photo from space, even though an astronaut could have seen this silver and black clock with the naked eye.

This is a guest post written by Jessica.  Jessica is a journalist and blogger who specializes in fashion, style, and fine jewelry. She lives in New Jersey with her fiance and two cats.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shop: 10 Mother's Day Accessories Gift Ideas

Our moms deserve the best from us. To celebrate the upcoming Mother's Day, we gathered some great gift ideas in several styles that will surely help you choose the perfect gift for your mom. From jewelry to bags, from classic to more edgy styles, we selected some of the best accessories at affordable prices. Prices range from £15 to £129.


Nothing better than a gem to offer our sweet mom. Below, a Lancetti Vintage Gold Plated Enamel Chunky Necklace that has some really nice chain looking details. Perfect for both modern and classic moms. Available from at £68

For moms who prefer earrings, here's a pair of Turtle Stud Earrings, Gold Green, from Ted Baker that will surely surprise her. We love the fact that's turtle shaped because it gives it an edgy trendy look. Available from at £35

For classic moms who love jewelry, here's a Laura Biagiotti Vintage Gold Plated Necklace that will sure look stunning on several occasions. With a neutral color, it can be styled with almost anything your mom has in her wardrobe. Available from at £64


What mom doesn't like a really nice bag to complement her look? Bags are a great choice for Mother's Day. We gathered a selection of bags, some more classic, others more modern that will surely make a perfect gift.

First, a Brown Classic Heart Bag from Clarks that can be worn on the shoulder or across the body. Perfect for every day. Available from at £59

This Ted Baker Colour Block Shopper Bag, in Monochrome is the perfect choice for moms who want to look trendy, stylish and fashionable. Monochrome is one of the great trends for the next Autumn/Winter Season so this is a great gift. Available from at £129

For fashionista moms, we selected this Kirsten Studded Drawstring Bag, White. It's stylish contemporary look makes it a great accessory for both day and evening occasions. Its neutral colors with a metal plate front detail ads a touch of luxury to it. Available from at £60


Scarves are also a great choice for Mother's Day. They go pretty well with several outfits and they're also very comfy and great to cover up the neck from this cold season. This Indigo Collection Lightweight Russian Print Scarf is a great stylish choice for your mom to add some color to her wardrobe. Available from M&S at £19.5

This Baroque Keys and Chains Scarf, Lilac from Codello is also a great gift. Suitable for several occasions it has a baroque classic style that will surely be an asset to her look. Available from at £40

Other Accessories

When we're talking about accessories, sometimes these get forgotten, and can also be a great and useful gift. For hat lovers, here's a Jacques Vert Hat with Feathers that's perfect for wearing at weddings and similar formal occasions. The feathered detail, gives it a more glamorous look that makes it a perfect choice from classic moms. Available from at £120

And what about a nice pair of Gloves? These can be a good affordable and very useful gift for your mom to help her overcome the cold. Here, we selected these Leather Stitch Detail Gloves, Purple. Available at M&S at £15
Already chose the gift your offering your Mom on this special day? Tell us... Did you go with a traditional card or flowers, or did you choose something different? We'd love to hear from you.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Top five sunglasses for Summer

Photo by lesleychoa (Flickr)

I’ve got to be honest – I am over Winter, I can’t wait for Summer to arrive and with the great anticipation that I have I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t already well-prepared for what this Summer has to hold.

Although the UK is a place where realistically we don’t see an awful lot of sunshine, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be prepared for those days when we do happen to have a little ray of sunshine peek out from behind the clouds, and if like me you are sincerely hoping for sunshine this Summer, then chances are that you will already be thinking about the appropriate sunglasses to tackle this task.

So looking at this Summer, what are the hottest trends? The best buys? The right purchases to make? Well here are my top five tips for sunglasses this Summer:

Ray Bans

Ray Bans are a brand that you can always depend on and regardless of the season you simply know that these are going to be in style. With classic designs including the Wayfarer and the Aviator you know that you can always get a timeless classic with a modern design from the Ray Ban range, and if you are looking for a pair of sunnies that really stands apart from the crowd then you can’t go far wrong with the choices that Ray Ban can offer you.


A good pair of Oakleys can often be the essential summer accessory and if you are looking for a brand of sunglasses that gives you great protection and looks fashionable at the same time, then you could have found just what you are looking for with a pair of Oakleys. One of the great features that Oakleys have is the ability to chop and change many elements of their design and this means integrating new colours, features and designs into the mix.


Not always at the forefront of market-leaders in the sunglasses industry, it’s easy to overlook the Bolle brand as a mid-class design and for this reason many people simply don’t rate it as a market leader in the sunglasses industry, but if you don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on a pair of sunglasses then this design could be just what you are looking for to provide you with fashionable, safe glasses at a great price.


Another brand which doesn’t get an awful lot of air time is Persol, but this isn’t to say that it’s a brand that you should forget about – in fact if you are looking to stand out from the crowd then it’s often better to go with a brand which isn’t so well recognised! For something unique, different and still super stylish, Persol could be a great option for your wardrobe.

Michael Kors

I had to throw this in at the end, the truth is that my own sunglasses are Michael Kors and I’ve had them now for around six years with no problems whatsoever – I love them. They offer great protection and are stylish through any season, the ideal accessory and a great option for people who are looking for a timeless classic through a pair of sunglasses.

This is a guest post written by Paul James. Paul James is a journalist and part time blogger. When he isn't writing or shopping, he's spending time with his family or walking his dog, Buck.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Secrets of a Fashionista: Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Winter Wardrobe

During these cold winter months it can be really easy to get yourself in a winter rut. Everyone loves themselves a good cozy sweater but after your first three weeks of wearing them, the layer look can tend to get a bit old. You find yourself day dreaming of light cardigans and cute sandals.

Well ladies, since the groundhog hasn’t given us his verdict yet, we have to suck it up and find some new ways to spice up our winter wardrobe. You may rockin’ those sweaters for another two months, might as well get the most out of them!

# Scarves are Your New Best Friend

At times scarves may seem a bit cumbersome and well dorky, but the truth is scarves are super cute!  Although, we are at least half way through the winter season, it’s never too late to search for the perfect scarf. When its super cold and overcast out, a great look is to rock a big oversize sweater with a pair of leggings and cute boots. Throw on your scarf for a pop of color and texture and you got yourself one chic winter look.

# A Long Strand of Pearls

 There’s nothing like a long strand of pearls to add some glamour to your outfit. The problem with winter clothes is that they tend to lend themselves to more darker, mundane colors and thicker fabrics, which can end up looking bland. A great way to add some shimmer and spice up these outfits is with a classic pearl necklace.  No not your Grandma’s old lady pearls, a really cute and trendy pearl necklace! A long 36 inch double strand necklace works perfectly with sweaters. The long layered look of a pearl necklace gives you that elegant feel and helps to lighten your winter load.

# Wear Many Hats

 I remember as a little girl during the winter months my mother would always make me throw on a hat to wear while I waited for the bus. I hated wearing a hat! But now as a mature adult, I’ve come to totally appreciate the glam that comes with a super cute hat. During the summer wearing a hat just isn’t as chic and well let’s be honest, not so practical.  But in the winter a maroon ( or any other style) hat can add some much needed flavor to your layered ensemble, while still keeping you warm as you run to catch the train.

# Pick the Right Kind of Sweaters

 A staple of any winter wardrobe is obviously a bunch of sweaters. But it’s not always so easy. It’s all about getting the right sweaters that work best for your style. A great tip is to look for longer sweaters that are open, more like a longer warmer over-sized cardigan.  These sweaters look great on almost any body type and with almost any kind of style. You can throw these sweaters over a pair of jeans or even a nice skirt for work. Because of the length of these sweaters they end up being more slim fitting and not bulky. Redefine your sweaters and bare this tip in mind!

 Don’t let the winter months get you down. Adapt these tips to your everyday winter wardrobe and you’ll be sure to see an improvement in the way you feel about winter chic.

This post was written by Hannah Toran, a writer for the luxury pearl jewelry company. To follow more of her styling tips and fashion finds, follow Hannah’s work at Pearl & Clasp’s company blog

Monday, January 21, 2013

Top 10 bags on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to find awesome items and add them to our wish list. So, we gathered the top 10 bags we seen this month on Pinterest. In no specific order, here's our favorite bags so far:

1) MARC JACOBS, 'Paradise Rio' Bag
2) Joy Gryson, IIIBeCa
3) Reed Krakoff, Mini Shoulder Bag
4) Valentino Bag
5) Alexander McQueen,Orange Medium Heronie Bag
6) Ralph Lauren, Silver bag
7) Reed Krakoff, medium tote bag
8) Lanvin, Medium Happy Shoulder Bag
9) Wallis, Green Bright X Body Bag
10) Birkin Bag

If you want to repin any of this items, just go to our "Top 10 Bags on Pinterest" Board on Pinterest and repin what you love. Follow Styling Up on Pinterest. Browse through clothes for your body shape, and also a fine selection of clothes, accesories and footwear we found there.

Tell us, which bag is your favorite? If you have other suggestion (found on Pinterest), we'd also love to know what it is.

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