Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hot trends for the next Autumn Winter Season (LFW AW 2013)

One of London’s most important fashion events has come to an end. For five days, over 200 designers showcased their brand new Autumn/Winter Collections at London Fashion Week showing their vision to the world.

Like every other fashion lover, we watched this event closely (read this preview of the event) and we gathered some highlights of this show. Below, we’ll mention the most common trends from different designers and some of what we think that will be trending on the next Autumn/Winter 2013.

Please note that this post is a personal perspective of the event, written by Irina Quintela. Irina is the founder of Styling Up, a style shop that provides an online fashion styling service for women based on body shape and size.

Prints and Graphic Lines

Autumn/Winter 2013 will be all about prints and graphic lines. Floral prints are becoming a thing of the past, and prints are now more African inspired. Some of the prints that walked the runway were actually pretty wild (in a good way). We love them!

Graphic lines will also be trending and, according to what we saw on the catwalk, geometry is all around several collections. Whether straight or curved lines… this is a trend we really want to wear. For fans of geometry, this is the trend to follow!

Here are a few examples of what we saw on the catwalk:
Geometric lines were all over LFW and they are stunning
Some of the prints we saw on the catwalk

Monochrome inspiration

We saw lots of collections inspired by the monochrome mix. We love the combination between black and white. It provides a great contrast and this can be a really easy combination to pull off.
Below, a few examples of monochrome from the designer’s collections:
Oh yes, monochrome was in almost every collection

Trending colors: Red, Gold / Yellow, Blue, Green

Red, Gold or Yellow, Blue and Green will surely pop out of the catwalk straight to the streets. We saw some awesome combinations and splash of colors. Autumn Winter 2013 will surely be a more colorful season with these vibrant colors. These also look great in accessories, when just wearing a monochrome look.

Examples from the catwalk:
Bright colors will be trending on the next AW 2013

Super long length skirts and dresses

Skirts and dresses have gained a new stylish length. We already knew mini, midi and long skirts… but now, here are the fashionable new super long skirts and dresses. Super long because they’re way longer than the traditional long skirts and they can practically “kiss” the floor. We’re totally embracing this and can’t wait to see this on the streets.

We also noticed that skirts are moving away from mini and embracing the midi and slightly below the knee length. This might be really great news for the ones who were tired of the super miniskirts.
Dresses and Skirts had mid or super long length

Overall, this was a great show and we’re really eager to see these trends on the high street. We also noticed that the trends are heading to a much more “clean” design with clean lines, bright colors and strong & geometric patterns. We can’t wait to see this spreading…

What about you? Have you followed London Fashion Week’s AW 2012? What trends will you surely wear and which ones will you run away from?

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