Monday, May 28, 2012

What’s your body shape?

There are 6 different body shapes and this is the most important asset of how clothes fit on you, no matter what size you wear. Want to know which clothes flatter your body shape? First, you just have to know what‘s your body shape:

Apple: you have an ample bust, rounded stomach and slimmer hips

Pear: you have small bust, narrow shoulders and wider hips

Athletic: you have a sporty, strong body with few curves

Hourglass: Ample bust, curvy hips and a defined, slimmer, waist

Slender: you’re very slim with few curves

Inverted Triangle: your shoulders are broader than your hips

We know that being compared to an object like an hourglass or a piece of fruit like an apple or a pear is not flattering, but please keep in mind that there is no “perfect” body. Even models or celebrities can often point something on their bodies that they don’t like.

Remember this, that Coco Chanel once said:

"Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions" 

Please note that you can find clothes that fit and flatter your body. We’ll be posting specifically about the different body shapes, with some examples and fashion tips.

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